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John Moore


Starting out in 2004, in the attic of a rented apartment in Donnybrook, Dublin, 3D4Medical set about creating the largest library of stock medical images in the world. All of these 18,000+ images were made entirely from renderings of 3D digital models. Using 3D models has the advantage of producing photo-realistic medical images without the blood and gore that is associated with real medical photography. In 2009, 3D4Medical reinvented itself by using these same 3D models to develop medical training applications for the new iPhone App Store.


The 3D4Medical images collection is now licensed through 51 distributors worldwide including Getty and Corbis. Images from the collection have appeared on the front covers of Time Magazine, National Geographic, Newsweek, Scientific America, and Discovery. 3D4Medical training apps rapidly topped the sales charts in most Apple App Stores around the world. It was featured onstage at Apple’s Keynote address to demonstrate their new 3D medical technology, which was seen by over 40 million people.

John Moore is the founder and CEO of 3D4Medical, the world’s most successful developer of medical applications. Moore built 3D4medical into a global brand without any venture capital and now has offices in the USA, Russia, Poland and Ireland. 3D4Medical software is used in every major university and hospital around the world, and has had over 12 million downloads to date. Moore sold a minority stake in 3D4Medical to Malin plc. for $16.4m.