Aran Ambitions

Berni Raeside-Bell/Detta Textiles


To create an Irish heritage knit for a new generation, by using the traditional cable knit with a fresh, modern palette accompanied by a collection of “knit-look” patterns for digital printing. The knitwear is unique and handmade, and the collection is completely sustainable; the digital designs are printed using state of the art eco-friendly printers for wallpapers and 100% recyclable fabrics with water- based direct disperse inks. The knits are 100% lambswool.


This project is the outcome of marrying traditional knit methods on a vintage Dubied knitting machine, with digital technology for print. Digital textile print techniques are environmentally friendly, using no water and very little power compared to traditional dyeing and printing techniques. Digital print technology may be the only route to help combat river pollution, especially in India and China, where the majority of the world’s cloth is dyed.

Detta Textiles produces handmade luxury knit products on vintage handflat knit machines in 100% lambswool.