Culture & Architecture in the Ravenna Docklands

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Meme Exchange, Officina Meme, Atelier Francis


The renewal of abandoned industrial areas and the resultant socio- economic issues are challenges facing many cities. The project ‘Experiments in Urban Reuse’ is testing a model for temporary reuse of abandoned urban areas, with a cultural emphasis. The concept of temporary reuse serves to test ideas, to give visibility to and create awareness of, the potential for regeneration. It is undertaken in a series of progressive steps that identify and address specific needs for successful renewal of these areas.


Reuse projects discover and revive the architectural and social potential of places, reclaiming them through architectural interventions, cultural events and participatory and interdisciplinary contributions.

The temporary nature of the functions, combined with the collective and participatory nature of the events, facilitate a gradual recovery of these neglected spaces. Inviting citizens to participate in this urban regeneration leads to transformation and sustainable development.

Meme Exchange is a non-profit cultural association based in Ravenna, Italy that promotes sustainable urban regeneration and the recovery of disused spaces. Meme works in particular in the activity of research for the informal regeneration of spaces in the Ravenna City Docklands, undertaking the reactivation of abandoned spaces with projects of architecture, craft and design. The architectural practices Officina Meme and Atelier Francis collaborate on the architectural and urban design projects that are part of the Experiments in Urban Reuse process.

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