Earó Orchestral Chair

Submitted by

An Agency


Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Gearóid Ó Conchubhair/One Off Design


Orchestral musicians often perform while engaged with complex instruments in tense performance conditions and in constrained seated postures, unnecessarily accepting that they must suffer strain and even injury for their art.

The challenge was to design a chair that enhanced performance and provided a real benefit to the wellbeing of the musician. This required an aesthetically well resolved design that could accommodate the five main instrument groupings of the seated members of the orchestra – violin, viola, cello, wood wind, brass wind – and be compatible with the practical handling and staging conditions of the auditorium.


The earó chair sets a new standard in seating for musicians and provides the optimum conditions for excellent performance. The design promotes a balanced seated posture, reducing the potential for injuries and so improving the wellbeing of the musician.

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