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Robert Miculas, RM+ID/Eiratech


Eirabot is a unique project that has the power to change how warehouses will operate in the future; a new management system that improves efficiency for all types of deliveries. From the outset, Eirabot was designed as a companion to the worker, and not a replacement for people. Therefore, the design of Eirabot conveys the idea of a reliable, intelligent machine and gives confidence to the people it interacts with.


The brief was achieved by creating a semi-rigid frame that cages the robot’s hardware in the most vulnerable areas only, allowing the rest of the body to be light and cost effective. The light components of the housing, finished in black translucent acrylic, offer a live peek to the working internal mechanism. This helps create an emotional connection between the user and the robot. The rounded corners and the smooth surfaces are intended to reduce the risk of accidental friction and allow free movement and rotation underneath the racks.

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