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Dublin, Ireland

éntomo is an online resource and emerging product line that seeks to educate Western societies about the values and benefits of insects as a healthy, sustainable and exciting alternative food source.

It is estimated that the world’s population will reach over 9 billion by 2050. As natural resources become more limited and food prices increase rapidly, more sustainable solutions are needed to help feed the world. Promoted as ‘a new food perspective’, éntomo is an ongoing design development and research project that encourages people in Western societies to explore insects as a nutritious alternative to traditional, intensively reared meat. As a resource, éntomo communicates how insects provide a sustainable alternative that is both environmentally and economically viable at the scale and quantity required for Western societies.

Designed by Lara Hanlon

éntomo was conceived, designed, and developed by Irish designer Lara Hanlon as part of her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design at IADT, Dun Laoghaire in 2013. éntomo has since received the New Star Award at the Shenzhen Design Awards for Young Talents in China in association with UNESCO Creative Network in 2013/14, and was exhibited at NEED: The Power of Human Potential at Milan Design Week in 2015.

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