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Perch Design Team for Thomas Montgomery


Float enriches the workspace environment by improving interpersonal space. Research identified a need to design for natural group sizes and applied body spaces during social engagement or introversion. Float is a modular soft seating collection that addresses the softer human needs in the “Third Space” outside the context of traditional workstations. It is a truly flexible solution designed to improve dynamic short term workflow.


Float enables users to assemble in naturally forming groups to collaborate and interact. Rotating seats and soft upholstered surfaces enables mixed interaction. Lightweight construction and rotating castors mean the seating can easily be repositioned at any time during the interaction.

The small team at Perch is dedicated to improving the quality of everyday living through design and always strives to find that balance between interactive simplicity, scientific relevance and aesthetic beauty. Specialising in research-led design for Applied Human Movement, Perch takes a truly interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking and problem solving. The team forges long, meaningful relationships with clients that typically last many years; this way of working builds deep connections and enables true, disruptive innovation.

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