FUNGO BIO campain

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Valentina Downey and Patrizia Scarzella – LabBrainDesign/Agricola Hortoitalia


To apply the design thinking technique typical of LabBrainDesign to fuel innovation in the agriculture sector in Italy. A design thinking mindset was applied to a communication and promotion campaign in one of the most traditional areas of production and business, typically alien to design. The aim was to inform people about
the nutritional value of organic mushrooms.


The Fungo BIO communication and promotion campaign has had a wide appeal in the sector of agro food production in Italy for both the innovative method and the quality of the design outcomes. The project has been selected for the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award – Design for Food & Nutrition 2016.

Patrizia Scarzella is an architect, journalist and expert in strategic communication and design. Valentina Downey is a product and strategic designer. Working together in LabBrainDesign (est. 2001), they have helped a wide range of companies and organisations to innovate by integrating design in their processes.

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