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There are always game-changing solutions emerging; some that connect us and some that separate us. On a local and rural level, our community has endured austerity, redundancy and disadvantage.

Grey·White·Klee expresses the desire to return to intuitive creativity and intellect, fostering a belief in our inner resources and our capability to perform at an international level. Grey·White·Klee was presented in 2015, the year of Irish Design, by the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, it is about celebrating what we do and our need to express the deeper structure of human experience and resilience.


Grey·White·Klee explores the collective rhythmic effect of elements iterating in unison. Through a series of large format digital prints, the intention is to create an immersive pattern experience that is a series of overlapping dynamic moments. There is a purposeful shift away from the familiarity of pattern as configured and constrained, towards patterning as an interaction of multiple local effects. The scale of the work diverts the viewer from a passive understanding of figure-ground relationships towards a more active and intuitive role in discovering contingencies and synchronicity in pattern as phenomena.

Building on the success of Grey·White·Klee, Figure2Ground are pleased to present in 2017 a snapshot of surface designs that can be engineered for application as featured wall panels, on plate glass, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT’s) and superwide wall coverings. As advanced digital printing technology is now within our reach, it is possible to create custom products for individual projects on a print-to-order basis. Not only does this bring customised content to a wider audience but it also promotes and facilitates a lean manufacturing capability such as Figure2Ground, a small independent studio based in rural Ireland.

Figure2Ground’s project on display for Global Irish Design at the NCG, Kilkenny is titled ‘Breeze’ and showcases 4 surface designs printed on linen backed, superwide contract specification wallpapers; suitable for use in Public and Commercial spaces and conforming to: Light-fastness BSEN20105: L6 and Fire Performance Euro classification EN 13501-1 :2007-B-s2,d0.


Project title Breeze

From left 1 (Wall) to right 4 (Window)

Panel 1 : OFFSHORE

Panel 2 : CORIOLIS

Panel 3 : ABACUS

Panel 4 : QUILL

For further information on this project see here

Figure2Ground are a not-too-big design studio based in a Georgian merchant bank premises in County Laois, where they design content- rich surface patterns that are available for commission or license.