LittleBig bike

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Wicklow, Ireland

Simon Evans/LittleBig Bikes


To make children’s bikes more sustainable through simple yet considered design, the reduction of material waste and the assurance of a long product life. Standard kids’ bikes are outgrown within two years, but with the LittleBig’s 3-in-1 design there is no need to switch bikes to change bike size. The LittleBig’s quality frame and parts gives a child the means to develop their skills and get the most out of their cycling experience.


By getting children started on two wheels as young as two years old, the LittleBig has a major impact on their coordination, confidence and character development. Once the child has developed a sense of balance, their LittleBig can easily transform into a pedal bike, so they can make an effortless transition to pedalling independently and achieving one of their first major milestones in life.

Simon Evans designed the LittleBig bike and took it through prototyping and business start-up.

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