Logitech G

Cormac Ó Conaire/Design Partners


The massive rise in popularity of computer gaming has generated a new category of competitive sports. To compete at this level requires specialist equipment perfectly tuned
to match the eSport athlete’s personal requirements.

In 2013, Logitech decided to refocus on the gaming industry and invest with the ambition of becoming number one in the gaming category. Design Partners were engaged to collaborate in re- energising the Logitech brand experience by redesigning the entire product line of gaming headsets, keyboards, mice and controllers.


The collaboration between Design Partners and Logitech has resulted in year-on-year growth of c. 25%, driven by products such as gaming headsets, keyboards and mice, which are now among the top three best-selling products in their categories. The Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse is currently the best-selling mouse in the world. Part of what Design Partners achieved for Logitech was the seamless integration of advanced technology, game-specific ergonomics and visceral beauty.

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