Looking & Telling

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Ronan McDonnell/A Worthy Cause


The development of expression, through a new and different way of telling stories. The oral tradition of Irish storytelling is richly represented and depicted through centuries on high crosses and in manuscripts. Looking & Telling is a contemporary interpretation of this aspect of our past, for our future. These pieces give young children a starting point to create and tell stories, using and developing their imagination and descriptive powers.


Children love telling stories and it’s very useful for them to do so. Developing language skills is hard work for growing brains and storytelling helps engage this process, while practice expands a child’s ability to discuss and describe their world. In Looking & Telling storyposters there is lots of action about to happen, messes and accidents caused and imaginative leaps to make. It’s all about the details. No talking down, no big simple shapes here; a world of fantastic depth invites the children to jump in and make their own stories.

A Worthy Cause began by moonlighting as a screenprint and clothing design business. As the business grew the emphasis switched to more general graphic design, particularly in cultural fields. Looking & Telling brings the company back to its roots.