Looking for/through/with/ amongst/beyond/around Content

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Paul Bailey


Reading environments are now less likely to govern a reader’s behaviour; instead, they respond to each specific context, as and when required. This mutability is cultivating a new breed of reader: one who confidently glosses over material, browses through information and scans tirelessly to glean a feeling or an impression of that which comes before them. This piece of work calls into question our increasing thirst for immediacy and clarity in our habitual, and somewhat perfunctory, approaches to reading and watching.


Looking for/through/with/amongst/beyond/around Content is a (web)site-specific study developed during a research period at the Jan van Eyck Academie, the Netherlands in collaboration with the curators Suze May Sho at Probe space. It can be understood as an installation, an exhibition and/or an essay that provokes a consideration of the practices of ‘reading’ and ‘watching’ in a moment where traditional definitions/perceptions are in flux.

Paul Bailey is an Irish graphic designer, researcher and lecturer based in London. He is Course Leader MA Graphic Media Design, London College of Communication, UAL; co-founder of occasional design studio We Draw Lines; and a founding member of the Design Displacement Group.