Nano Filter

Submitted by

An Independent



Peter Bolger


This project was originally submitted as an entry in the 2012 James Dyson Award competition. The concept centres on unique nano technology developed at Stanford University, that can safely filter out and kill off all bacteria and pathogens in water.


Nano Filter aims to give that most basic of necessities, clean water, to those who don’t have ready access to it. A cotton filter is soaked in silver Nano Tubes, then electrified as water passes through it. The filter is powered via solar cells and passive batteries, giving it a long working lifespan. The electric current is sufficient to kill off bacteria and other pathogens, while the cotton filters out any larger particles.

Peter Bolger is a graduate of Industrial Design from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). He works as a product designer for one of the world’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturers.