Neighbourhood Furniture Factory

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Corner Spot – Conor Trawinski, Ron Krielen, Minsung Wang, Fanny Griveau


The Neighbourhood Furniture Factory works with (unemployed) volunteers, recent design graduates, refugees and pensioners. They give space and guidance to the team so that its members can develop their skills and interests, while also providing a reduced cost service, in the form of well designed furniture production, for social initiatives within the locality.


The Neighbourhood Furniture Factory (NFF) is a non-profit organisation. It uses the processes of design thinking and furniture production to address the global problem of unemployment.

The NFF brings value back to the locality by empowering people to volunteer locally, to buy locally and to (re)integrate into their local society. By creating opportunities, they give people a function as well as increased wellbeing and sense of place.

Corner Spot is a co-creation space and design studio located in a neighbourhood in the east of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, called Doornakkers. Corner Spot uses co-design methods and design thinking as a way to enhance and support the inherent social innovation of the local area. The team works closely with local professionals and inhabitants in order to sustain the projects they initiate, develop and support.

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