Origami Craft Pack & Storybook

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Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland

George Dempsey Flanagan/Mojo Creations


Encouraging children to learn creatively while addressing their increased use of technology, and the impact this can have on their personal & cognitive development, communication skills and facility in forming relationships.


The focus is on engaging children from four years of age upwards through creative learning with a rhyming story picture book and accompanying Origami craft pack. The products are designed to complement and enhance a child’s growth and development, through reading with the book or cognitive development with the craft pack.

George Dempsey Flanagan is the ‘Maker of Magic” behind Mojo Creations. Based in Birr, Co. Offaly, George’s true passion is creating and teaching Origami, which combines his skills and training as an artist and graphic designer with the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. Mojo Creations works with local events, schools and festivals and its driving passion is to share an appreciation for creating something with your own hands and inspiring the same joy in others.