Out of Box Experience – AccuChek

Frontend Design Team

280 million people worldwide have diabetes, the cause of four million deaths each year. With no available cure, daily self-management is the only option and accurate blood glucose monitoring is at the very heart of this. While technology continues to advance, the cognitive ability of patients (many of them older people) remains a challenge. The dual challenge was to improve the first-time user experience of these products and to reduce the reliance on nurse-led training.


Frontend reinvented the first time user experience – creating new packaging, set-up procedures and instructions. The design reduced set-up time by 50% and greatly reduced the amount of training needed. It also cut the cost and weight of packaging materials as well as customer support costs. Digital training videos provided a valuable resource used by millions of patients around the world. The solution has been released in 110 country markets in 42 different languages.

Frontend is a world leader in the field of UX Design. Over the last two decades Frontend has pioneered user interaction in fields as diverse as banking, digital printers, telecommunications and healthcare and tackled projects large and small, from antivirus software that protects 100 million customers worldwide, to a digital app that helps local milkmen deliver milk to customers’ doors. In 2015 Frontend was awarded top honours at the prestigious Interaction Awards in San Francisco.



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