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Eilis Delany


Sense is a concept that introduces tactile feedback into firefighting expeditions. This simple, unobtrusive yet life-saving device can be incorporated into existing firefighting helmets, to help wearers navigate through dark, smoke-filled buildings with poor visibility. There are two core components: an ultrasonic proximity sensor mounted on the front of the helmet and a slimline, internally-housed vibration motor.


The true breakthrough of Sense lies in the wider application of existing technology and physical components. This solution is not solely confined to firefighting – it can be applied to other search and rescue sectors such as police, army and marine services. And because Sense essentially replaces sight, it can also be adapted and used to aid the visually impaired.

Eilis Delaney is currently working as a design intern in “Clickworks”, where she has learned about the power of digital design on a range of projects and gained familiarity with industry tools and software.