Target Open House

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John Ryan/Local Projects/Target


The Internet of Things refers to the increasing number of everyday products that are being equipped with computing power and Wi-Fi connections. Local Projects realised target customers needed an engaging experience to learn about the complex but exciting benefits IoT products offer. Their solution was a four-room transparent acrylic house filled with connected products working together. Stimulated by infrared sensors, each product greets visitors as they pass by, and each room contains vignettes that show how products can work together in situations ranging from burglary to baby-minding.


Target Open House debuted to immediate fanfare and became a must-see for shoppers visiting San Francisco. More importantly, Target now has a funnel for IoT products based on data from real shoppers. Finally, Target leapt over its competition by forging exclusive relationships with scores of startup founders and hosting dozens of events engaging the public in essential conversations about the Internet of Things.

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