The Visual Time Traveller

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Alison Hackett/21st Century Renaissance/Origin Design


How could history and human achievement be communicated in order to engage and excite the broadest number of people regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity? Is it possible for 500 years of history to be reduced to bite-sized chunks of five years, incorporating twelve diverse facts that happened within that time-frame?


The Visual Time Traveller encapsulates 500 years of history, art and science in 100 unique designs. This first-of-its-kind book emerged from a special collaboration between author and designers, aimed at introducing a new way of learning and engaging with information, breaking down traditional boundaries between the sciences and art and making it easier for people to digest complex streams of information.

21st Century Renaissance is a publisher dedicated to using original design combined with writing to influence change and raise debate across a wide section of society. 21st Century Renaissance shares many of the goals of the original Renaissance in Italy: the dissemination of new ideas, interconnectedness across the knowledge spectrum
and political, social and philosophical development. The Visual Time Traveller is the first publication of 21st Century Renaissance.