Tomra CUI

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Cormac Ó Conaire/Design Partners


Today, our earth’s resources are under great pressure and the world’s population is growing. We need to find better solutions to use and reuse global resources. Tomra is a multinational that is pioneering in the sorting industry for recycling, mining and food. Their ambitious philosophy is to create solutions to help optimise our earth’s resources. Despite Tomra’s sorting machines having incredibly advanced technology, the user interfaces were non-user-friendly, inefficient and non-holistic. Tomra collaborated with Design Partners to redesign and unify the UI experience for their entire fleet of sorting machinery.


Close collaboration between Design Partners and Tomra was the key to success. To optimise the workflow for the end-users required indepth understanding of the machines, the operators and their environment.

The ambition to optimise our planet’s resources combines environmental concerns with commercial objectives. This ambition became the cornerstone for decisions made on the project: to create an experience that empowers users to have better control over our earth’s resources.

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