Tullamore Dew

Tullamore D.E.W. TRILOGY box

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Jordan Ralph Design


To create a bespoke presentation box for Tullamore D.E.W. Trilogy, a 15 year-old, triple distilled, small batch whiskey. This very special whiskey is matured in three different oak casks that have held bourbon, oloroso sherry and golden rum, to create a unique and complex flavour. The concept for this design was that it should be produced in small run batches, like the whiskey it would contain, and gifted to tastemakers worldwide.


There was a clear focus on presenting a design and aesthetic that was modern, yet definitively Irish and embedded in Celtic whiskey roots. The strong metallic and black pallet of Trilogy, as well as whiskey tones, contributed to the design of a box that unifies the classic whiskey aesthetic with a simpler, contemporary approach. The packaging was entirely designed, prototyped and produced in Dublin with local craftsmen and fabrication specialists involved in various steps of the process.

Jordan Ralph Design (JRD) was founded in Dublin in 2014. The studio’s work is focussed on creating unique and fresh experiences across mediums such as product, furniture, exhibition, interior, branding and identity. Repurposing existing materials and objects to create visual and material dialogues has become an important facet to JRD work. And with the future in mind, JRD is developing and prototyping original and revolutionary products, installations, and concepts for multi-sensory experiences and interactions.